What we offer


Through our jazz, musical theatre and hip hop based dance classes, the children are able to build on strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination. All choreography is specifically designed to be challenging enough for those with a dance background, yet easy enough for beginners. As there is an assistant working one on one with students finding the routines challenging, no child will be left behind.


Drama thrives on imagination and team work; it provides an excellent outlet for creativity as well as boosting self-esteem. Each week our drama classes will have a different focus - from improv, characterization, how to use the stage and much more. This section will be made up of interactive theatre games and exercises as well as a focus on an end of term presentation.


Rounding out the workshop is singing; children will be learning the latest in pop music as well as all the musical theatre classics. Voice projection and breathing techniques will be covered, as well as a vocal warm up at the beginning of every session. Though students are encouraged and given the opportunity to perform solos, they are never pushed.